Black Lives Matter Seattle-King County* is a grassroots social justice cooperative effort focused on the empowerment and liberation of black and other people of color through advocacy and direct action. BLM Seattle-King County centers leadership on Black femmes, women, and queer people organizing and taking direct action to dismantle anti-black systems and policies of oppression.

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Board of Directors
Ebony M.
Fox Hampton
Jordan C.
Livio De La Cruz
Marlon B.
Percy H.
Anthony Canape
Kemi D.
Gabby D.
Renaé G.
Lain L.

Contact us: info@blacklivesseattle.org

Media Inquiries: pr@blacklivesseattle.org

505 Broadway E. #328
Seattle, WA 98102


*BLM Seattle-King County is not affiliated with the Black Liberation Movement or the #BlackLivesMatter Seattle Action Group