Honoring LGBTQIA2+ History Month

Black Lives Matter Seattle-King County are honoring LGBTQIA2+ History Month, because the core of the Black Lives Matter movement and the very foundation of our chapter is seeded in the protection of LGBTQIA2+ people. 

BLMSKC was created with the intention of celebrating, centering, and protecting queer and trans folks. Throughout history and the Civil Rights Movement, queer and trans people have been forced to leave our identities aside for the sake of the greater movement. We have always played a vital role in the road to freedom and abolition. 

It is important that we take this time to honor those who have come before us, and that we lead by the example of our LGBTQIA2+ elders and past leaders in our community and movement.

It is also of the utmost important that as we move forward, we move forward together. 

And that as Black and LGBTQIA2+ people, we write and capture our own history every day for future generations to know the truth of the change we demanded and created. Of our lifetimes, for their lifetimes. 

For exactly that reason, we are proud to share that BLMSKC has been selected for inclusion in the National Archives of Congress, to forever preserve the history of what has taken place here in our community and the Black Lives Matter movement.

The inclusion of BLMSKC in the Library of Congress, matters as much as our lives. 

So often as queer and trans people we are forced to leave our identities aside for the sake of the greater movement. But no more. We are allowed to be our entire beings and can live and thrive as our authentic selves. With our inclusion in the Library of Congress, we are cataloguing and telling the truth of the history we are living today, as Black people—all Black people. 

We, as a chapter, will continue the fight for ALL Black Lives.