The promise of our lives can only be realized with our protection and liberation.

Across our country, city, county, and state, policies on justice, economics, education and gender have been developed over centuries to oppress Black people and maintain white supremacy.

Since our founding in 2017, we’ve marched, we’ve sued, we’ve organized. And we’ve won.

  • Our work helped lead King County to end youth incarceration in King County by 2026.
  • We secured a restraining order against Seattle Police Department’s use of tear gas on peaceful protesters.
  • We forced the City to withdraw obstruction of community oversight in cases of police brutality.
  • In 2020, we organized an historic March of Silence that brought more than 85,000 people to the streets—safely—to take action with us in solidarity.
  • With partners, we prompted King County to declare racism a public health crisis, then provided free medical and social services during a Black-Led Wellness Weekend.
  • With our allies in labor, we lead the #StrikeForBlackLives.
  • In a matter of months, we raised and granted $639,580 to Black-led efforts and organizations.
  • We center leadership on Black femmes, women, queer, and trans people.