The BLM Seattle Freedom Fund

The Freedom Fund was launched on May 30, 2020 to support Black, Indigenous, and People of Color fighting for our protection and liberation. 

In these trying times, we understand the urgency and power of protest in the streets. And, Black, Indigenous, and People of Color have been and will be disproportionately arrested and held on bail. 

Cash bail is an inhumane system built to unfairly limit the freedom of those without financial and class privilege. The Freedom Fund’s focus has been securing the immediate release of people protesting State sanctioned murder.

To date, the Freedom Fund has raised $514,583.01. 

$311,080 has been granted to support the release of protestors.  

Remaining funds will continue to be used for future bailout efforts as an ongoing community bail fund project.

If You Are In Need of Bailout Support

Have your lawyer or public defender reach out to us at or call (413) 274-2016.